At Impressions Care Solutions, we are experienced in filling nurse jobs quickly and efficiently, finding the right match to suit your requirement. We provide staff all over the UK for the following types of roles: Nurse Jobs, HCA Jobs (Healthcare Assistant Jobs) and Support Worker Jobs.

Impressions Care Solutions is a premier nursing recruitment agency, specializing in providing last-minute, contract, and permanent staff for both the NHS and Private Healthcare organizations. Our services extend to SEN Schools, Children services, Nursing Homes, and Residential Homes, as well as Hospitals.

At Impressions Care Solutions, we pride ourselves on our ability to swiftly and effectively fill nurse vacancies, ensuring the ideal match for your needs. We supply skilled professionals across the UK for a range of roles, including Nurse Jobs, HCA Jobs (Healthcare Assistant Jobs), and Support Worker Jobs.

Services We Support

Residential homes, Nursing Homes,
Supported Living for Learning Disabilities and Autism
Supported Living for Mental health with Forensic history
NHS Hospitals
Children’s Homes
SEN Schools

Residential Homes

Residential facilities cater to individuals needing assistance with daily activities due to factors like age or disability. Our staffing solutions ensure these homes are adequately staffed with qualified healthcare professionals, committed to providing compassionate care. Whether it’s aiding with personal care, managing medications, or offering companionship, our dedicated staff is trained to meet residents’ unique needs, fostering a secure and nurturing environment.

Nursing Homes

Nursing homes provide round-the-clock medical care and support to individuals requiring specialized nursing assistance. Our staffing services for nursing homes guarantee a team of skilled nurses, certified nursing assistants, and healthcare professionals dedicated to delivering top-quality care. From administering medications to providing wound care and rehabilitation services, our staff promotes residents’ health and well-being while maintaining dignity and respect.

NHS Hospitals

NHS hospitals offer essential medical services to patients needing acute and specialized care. Our staffing solutions support these institutions by providing qualified healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, allied health professionals, and administrative staff. Whether filling temporary vacancies, managing fluctuations in patient demand, or supporting special projects, our flexible staffing services ensure hospitals deliver quality care efficiently.

Children's Homes

Children’s homes provide care and support to children and young people unable to live with their families due to various issues. Our staffing solutions focus on providing caring and dedicated professionals to create a safe and nurturing environment. From qualified social workers to experienced youth workers, our team meets diverse needs, empowering children and young people to thrive and reach their full potential in a supportive atmosphere.

SEN Schools

Special Educational Needs (SEN) schools play a crucial role in shaping young people’s futures by providing academic instruction and support services. Our staffing solutions assist educators and administrators by providing qualified teaching staff, classroom assistants, and special education professionals. Whether filling short-term teaching vacancies or assisting with administrative tasks, our team helps create a positive and inclusive learning environment where every student can excel.



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